Beautyblender: the secret to flawless foundation

Have a read of my post of serums to see how to look after your skin before you get into dealing with foundation.

It’s really quite difficult to look great with imperfect foundation. The foundation itself makes a difference for sure. Countless articles have been written on the subject. To cut to the chase my personal favorites are Lancomes Teint Idole (summer) and Dior Forever (winter). Colour selection is key. A well-lit room and an attentive sales assistant make a huge difference. The devil, however, is in even greater detail this time: the application. There is one short answer to that problem: the indispensable irreplaceable… Beautyblender. I have carefully studied the story of this phenomenal sponge and tried to answer all the questions associated with it.

Who invented it and why?

Like all the best things, it was made for one purpose alone: to apply foundation flawlessly. American makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz have worked in the beauty industry for many years. They were on a quest to achieve a “natural” look and get rid of sharp delineations when applying foundation. Rea Ann says that she never really liked working with triangular foam sponges – they have sharp edges and can only be used two or three times. She knew she needed some fundamentally different tools: made from a soft material with no sharp edges and able to work with the most difficult-to-access parts of the face – the wings of the nose, the skin under the eyes and under the lower lip.

As a result of their experiments and years of searching came the Beautyblender bringing us endless joy. In answering “Why pink?” Rea Ann says that she just likes that color and that she wanted to add a little humour to the process of applying makeup. However, it is available in a variety of colours.

In a short period of time, Beautyblender became a bestseller on Amazon and is consistently see in the hands of the top make-up artists and celebrities.

What’s special about it?

Firstly, the material. Beautyblender is made from a patented soft synthetic material does not contain latex, does not smell, it does not cause allergies and has a  nice feel to it. The peculiarity of the material is such that it easily absorbs foundation and releases it almost as if it was a metered dose: little by little. Even if you tried, you couldn’t look caky with this. In order to use it, it has to be moistened in advance. This also solves the problem of excessive dryness when applying foundation.

Secondly, the shape. The teardrop-shaped is much more convenient than flat, oval, rectangular and triangular. The pointed tip can be used to apply concealer under the eyes, over the wings of the nose. The wider side can be used to apply foundation on the cheeks and forehead.

The shape and material combination allows you to forget about the complicated application techniques. Women go to excessive lengths to apply foundation well: thermal water, primers and special moisturisers. Renowned makeup artists repeat that the whole trick is in the application. Some recommend using fingertips, dotting motions, z-shaped movements and who knows what else. These rituals don’t accomplish much, but Beautyblender is something else.

How to use Beautyblender?

The sponge needs a good soak and to be squeezed several times, removing the excess water. Finally, you can even blot it off with paper towel. Some suggest that it is enough to just slightly dampen the sponge, but the original manual advises to wet it and wring it out. A dry sponge can also be used, but the real wow factor comes from the wet application.

When applying your foundation, put it on the sponge in small quantities or dip the sponge in warmed up foundation from your hand. The apply it using firm springy blotting motions. You can apply multiple layers without the fear of caking or sharp borders. Besides foundation, you can use Beautyblender to apply concealer, cream, powder, etc.

Watch this video if you still aren’t sure how easy it is:

After each use, the sponge should be washed and dried. If you bought the set with the cleansing liquid, great. If you have just the sponge, use the same product you use to clean your make up brushes or just any mild shampoo. The washed out sponge dries overnight. With daily use and care it will faithfully serve you for three or four months.


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