Face oil: tried and tested

Recently there has been an explosion of different types of skin care products beyond the conventional lotion: serums, emulsions, micellar water, hydrophilic oils – to name but a few. The idea of covering my face with oil wasn’t a particularly appealing one. An avid swimmer, I agreed to put myself through this exercise, no pun intended, right after coming out of the water when skin is the most dehydrated.

Oil is one of the best gifts you can grant your skin, such was the conclusion of my trials. It is more relevant when its cold, which it has lately become in Dublin.

Besides the normal stresses of sunlight exposure, we have the warm, dry air coming from heaters, the cold air outside, scarves and hats all of which only contribute to dehydration. Oils get absorbed quickly and easily, they don’t leave a greasy layer behind and they are fantastic for moisurising.

Oils are liphophlic, meaning they blend well with the skins natural milieu. They trap the water molecules in the skins and prevent water loss.

Most oils have additives that contribute to regeneration and reduce inflammation. Trilogy Rosehip Oil is the classic to go to oil here.

Oils contain fatty acids, and these are good antioxidants. For those of you wishing to try something new, a tested alternative to the above is A’kin Rosehip Oil.


They say that natural oils are non-comedogenic, but I would still be very cautious if acne is an issue. Irish GPs are actually incredibly helpful with this.

Some tips for beginners:

If in doubt, or trying an oil for the first time, apply it at night or at the weekend.

Avoid strong smelling oils as they may cause irritation.

Oils can be just as easily around the eyes, though please do always read the label.


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