V-necks: always looks good

There are a few styles that will always look flattering. V-necks make you appear taller and slimmer.

Paired with long earrings, the V-neck’s elongating effect will be even sharper.

V-necks visually elongate your neck and give you a ballerina-like streamlined appearance.


A bun or big hair will go well here. The look is dramatic and sophisticated. Depending on your exact proportions, you need to be careful to avoid looking too voluptuous or too boyish. It is most certainly worth experimenting with.

Blake lively looks amazing in this jump suit:

To avoid looking that bit too sexy you may go for a non-low-cut V-neck.

#howtobephotogenic #ScarlettJohansson #DailyMon - Be aware of your body. Before every photo take a brief moment to check out YOUR POSE. Check your posture. This is super important. Standing tall comes off as confidence.:

As if Scarlet could ever look anything other than too sexy.

Slim fit trousers are easier to pull off with a V-neck because of the elongating effect.

Camel Suede Jacket White V-neck Top Black Ripped Skinnies Black Buckled Boots:

A necklace would soften the look if you feel it is getting a little dramatic.

Grey Plain Pleated V-neck Long Sleeve Sexy Mini Dress:


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