Oversized scarf: always looks good

Oversized scarves create a contrast: the person wearing it immediately looks dainty and fragile.

Annette Haga is wearing a multicoloured plaid oversized scarf from Holzweiler styled with a belt:

Monochrome and tartan work well. If you are going for tartan, it has to be large. A small print would clash with the size of the garment.

These scarves also look particularly well with leather jackets.

Moto Jacket, Blanket Scarf, Faux Leather Leggins, Pam Hetlinger | The Girl From Panama:

Colour-wise it’s good to use softly contrasting colours.

& Other Stories | Wool Scarf $65:

A cashmere oversized snood or scarf is also great for a more understated look. Once you wear light grey (undyed) cashmere, you send out a signal to all the fashion aficionados: you know what’s good.

See This Blogger's Stylish Take On The Oversized Scarf:

A little bit harder to wear, but for extra chic you could go with the silk variety.

Luxurious silk scarf in a beautiful dusty sage color. Ethically manufactured in LA & completely sustainable!:


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