White shirt: always looks good

A white shirt will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. For a structured look, my personal favorite is the Brooks Brother’s Non-Iron Fitted Shirt.¬†For a more relaxed casual look, Zara is always full of fabulous options.

love leather leggings - street style - leather pants - white shirt:

Part of the allure is the timeless V-neck. It is instantly flattering.

A great wear to dress up and freshen up a denim look is to add a white shirt.

5 Must-Have Fashion Combination for This Summer | Glam Radar:

Wear a baggy jumper of the white shirt and look instantly chic.

Layered details.....:

Tucked in, the white shirt will nicely bring attention to your waist and instantly flatter your figure.

Photos via: A Portable Package | A Love is Blind Beauties Irina Lakicevic and Barbara Martelo show us...:


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