Polka dot: always looks good

Polka dots come and go as a fashion trend. If they go, it’s never for long. One of my most favorite outfits of all time was Julia Roberts in her brown polka dot dress. Don’t know about the hat, but the dress would have looked good in 1900, 2000 and I bet it will still look good in 2100.

Note the belt. As discussed at length recently, another way to always look good is to accentuate the waist. The belt does exactly that. So this outfit hits two classic birds with one stone. The gloves are a whole separate story; we shall discuss that soon.

This is a modern version:

Polka dot skirt.:

Naturally, the skirt doesn’t have to fan out, look at this irresistible pencil skirt with a white shirt:

petite fashion blog, lace and locks, los angeles fashion blogger, lace midi dress, polka dot skirt, trench coat, bow blouse:

Unless you are model-like slim, it is best to avoid polka dot trousers, at least contrasting ones. It is also better to have just one polka dot piece in the ensemble.

Of course, you can also tone it down. Polka dot will add some boho elegance to a comfy look.

Polka Dot Cardi Styling:


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