How to wear grey

Minimalism and grey are really in lately. I remember grey being all the rage in 1999 also. It only took 17 years to come back around. Does that mean that pink will be in this summer, just like in 2000?

I have managed to collect a few stunning street style images of grey. The beauty of it is that just like navy it always looks very classy. Oversize jumpers look good. The real danger is looking too plain. Unless are particularly skinny, minimalism can look a little too plain. Good thing is that that can be easily solved with a nice splash of colour or a fancy accessory.

1. Sequins


2. A hat


3. Red lipstick

Just look at this timeless picture of Kate

Kate Moss 90s . 1994 . Simple . Minimal . Minimalist . Outfit . Wardrobe:

4. A bright coloured accessory, such as a bag or a clutch


5. Pearls

Even a small bracelet immediately adds so much elevation!

LEARNING (via ):


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