Pearls: always look good

Inspired by my recent purchase of an absolutely stunning great value pearl necklace*, this post is all about pearls. Pearls always look good. It is obvious, but I felt the need to pay tribute to all these women who wore them well. They add a touch of sophistication and class like nothing else. They have both a gentle debutante touch and a sensually adventurous quality.

Here are some photos of tigresses and princesses in pearls.

Sophie Loren, the stunning Italian woman

Elizabeth Taylor

I think we all know where she got her inspiration. Here’s Coco Chanel:

More recently, Rihanna kills it with the white outfit

Pearls and red lip stick are proven combo

Angelina looks super classy

Princess Diana… who could possibly be classier? Here she is wearing a set of absolutely astronomically priced South Sea pearls by the looks of it…

And a pair of stunning pearl earrings. Love the plunging neckline!

I’ve spent some time comparing online vendors like Pearl Source, Pure Pearls, Pearls of Joy and Amazon, etc… The high street seems to be a really wrong place to shop given their mark up versus the quality you can expect. By the time I learnt a huge amount about pearls, I came across Tropica Pearls. Being based in Dublin, I was keen to see what Dublin pearl dealers are like. Tropica sell just one necklace, it’s a little bit like you’re buying an iPhone, not a necklace. But, boy, it’s exactly what I was looking for: neat with clean lines and nice luster. The clasp is quite large but pleasant to handle being solid sterling silver. The pearls came with a warm overtone which helps with my pale skin. Didn’t break the bank either, being freshwater. But it turns out that some freshwater pearls look better than akoya and south sea (though they don’t grow as big, being limited to about 10 mm, but even that’t a bit too big for a younger lady). The blog post explains all the technicalities like what makes pearls natural, real, freshwater etc. Besides the very handsome price/quality ratio, the pearls are beautifully presented in a silk twilly and a gorgeous box.

UPD: here are the photos, as promised!

freshwater pearls high lustre tropica pearls

freshwater pearls high lustre tropica pearls

Another update, and I should really include this in the lipbalm post but Vaseline have finally come out with a lipstick sized Vaseline ointment for lips. Life will never be the same. Pearly and soft-lipped, I wish everyone a great weekend 🙂


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